About our Face Masks

Made in Great Britain Washable Luxury Face Coverings 

Whether you're working in close proximity to others or running necessary errands – wearing a face mask can be a thoughtful and considerate choice right now. It’s a practical step you can take for your own and other's safety. 


These products are not medical personal protective equipment (PPE grade) items. These devices are designed for personal non-medical use only in the hope of reducing the spread of the virus and acts as barrier protection only. 

We produced our mask as a sustainable alternative to plastic masks, and in response to the UK governments change in the recommended use of face coverings in certain areas


Why our masks are a sustainable choice

Cotton is a natural fibre and will biodegrade over time

Compared to the production of polyester and other man-made fibres, the toxic waste created is significantly less damaging to the environment

Our masks are machine washable and will not retain odour. This will increase the life span of the mask and reduce unnecessary additional purchases

Dyed and spun in Manchester and knitted in Leicester, the carbon footprint is noticeably less than imported alternatives

Supima cotton is a highly regulated fibre, grown under strict conditions and abiding by all modern safety practices. Sustainable and ethical!

 Sustainable Unisex Supima Cotton Stop and Sneeze Face Mask 

 Why Supima Cotton?


Twice as strong as regular cotton, Supima is the ideal fibre when knitting products that require resilience, resistance, and durability. Thanks to the extra long staple (the starting natural fibre), Supima cotton resists breaking, pulling and any tearing that may occur with everyday use.

Not only is it an incredibly intelligent fibre, the softness is second to none. The additional inches found in the Supima staple produce a softer texture and prevents pilling (loose, fluffy fibres that collect on the surface). When cared for correctly, your Supima cotton mask will only get softer over time.

With both neutrals and brights available, the colour retention qualities of Supima cotton mean that your mask will not fade when washed and can be conveniently mixed in with other wash loads. 


Supima Brand Video QUALITY from Supima on Vimeo.


100% American grown and responsible for only 1% of cotton production worldwide, Supima cotton is an elite fibre and is backed by both the fashion and textile industry and scientists alike. With Supima being grown on approximately 500 family owned farms, the heritage and knowledge that comes with growing such a fibre is something rare and complex.

When small farming communities in places such as Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have been interviewed, they comment on the community-based growing that occurs throughout their industry. Whilst there is of course competition to provide the highest quality of fibre available, the support runs much deeper than that. Responsible, family-owned farms working together to provide a service that stands alongside the industry giants.  Here at Bobbl we’re not only passionate about ethically sourced natural fibres but being a small, family owned business ourselves, the message of co-operative collaboration is something that rings true.

The use of state-of-the-art technology in the form of GPS tractors and satellite tracking not only allows the farmers to track their crop growth (to ensure that the fibres are over 3-4 times longer than regular cotton) but guarantees that there is as little impact on the environment as possible.


Supima Cotton Plant - 100% American Grown, spun in Manchester, knitted in Leicester

Micro-Fresh® Odour Resistant Technology

Whilst Supima cotton is the foundation of our ‘Stop and Sneeze’ knitted masks, it is not alone in the prevention of particles spreading. By washing our finished 3D knitted masks in Micro-Fresh® anti-bacterial liquid, we can coat the surface with an extra level of protection and all masks have been wash tested (beyond 50 washes) with a 95% efficiency level.  The active ingredient in Micro-Fresh® is natural, sustainable, free from nanotechnology and effective in reducing bacteria by up to 99%. Micro-Fresh® products are independently tested by the University of Leicester and Aston University to ensure the technology continues to develop and evolve with the current climate.


Sustainable Supima Cotton Stop and Sneeze Face Mask Filter

Replaceable N95 Filter

The construction of the masks has allowed for a small pocket at the bottom of the chin to be knitted in. All our masks come with an N95 filter which can be removed and replaced for an extra layer of protection. These filters cover the mouth and the nose, and we recommend replacing these after 30-40 hours of use. Whilst the cotton masks are machine washable, remember to remove your filter before cleaning.

Sustainable Luxury Supima Cotton Stop and Sneeze Face Mask