About Us

Walking through Hyde Park on a chilly afternoon in 2013, Katrina and Hattie were quite literally drawn to each other. Their respective dogs, Marge, a huge giant Schnauzer, and Dora, the tiniest of miniature Dachshunds took an impulsive liking to each other. It was only after they had unwrapped themselves from the leads and tangle of tails, they noticed they were both wearing the most wonderfully fluffy, colourful bobble hats.

With Katrina in a big turquoise bobbl, and Hattie in a little black bobbl, the conversation quickly turned to debating the perks of colour vs neutral, big vs little. Which was more versatile? Which could be worn day in, day out? Which was more fitting for a rainy dog walk or after work drinks? 

After two hours and numerous coffees they were congratulating themselves on the most brilliant idea – interchangeable bobble hats. Why have one bobble when you can have three? Why choose between a natural or a bright when you can have both?   Three years later and the combination of Katrina’s background in finance and Hattie’s in fashion PR has enabled Bobbl to grow into a successful brand, having been featured in Vogue, Tatler and Sunday Times Style. 

With the introduction of berets, baseball caps and the biggest fluffy keyrings you've ever seen - this year is set to be a big one!