Meet the Bobbl Team

Meet the Bobbl Team

Every now and then we like to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes at Bobbl HQ. This week we want to introduce you to Eleanor – one of our Content Managers

What is your favourite thing about bobbl?

The bobbls really are the fluffiest things I have ever seen! There’s so many to choose and that’s what makes Bobbl stand out – the huge variety in combinations.

 Where do you see yourself wearing the brand?

I love skiing but also have a tendency to get cold so one of the classic hats is a must for the slopes.

 Who would you love to see wearing a Bobbl Hat? 

I’m obsessed with Tom Hardy but that seems a bit far-fetched so I’d have to choose Alicia Vikander, she’s so beautiful and such a great actress. I think she would look great in one of the berets!

Which is your favourite product?

The berets! I used to wear them when I was little and I’m glad they’re making a comeback.