Meet the Bobbl Team

Meet the Bobbl Team

Every now and then we like to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes at Bobbl HQ. This week we want to introduce you to Katrina - the founder of Bobbl!

What was the inspiration behind bobbl?

 Really to learn how the internet worked and in particular social media. It was my idea to launch a product entirely by social media

 Which colour is your favourite big bobbl? 

Has to be the new sun dried tomato bobbl!

Do you prefer the berets or baseball caps?

 I love them both but in particular the berets look really cool on youngsters!

 Which is your favourite product? 

The HUGE key rings.

 Who is your dream celebrity to be spotted in a Bobbl?

I’d love to see Cara Delevigne in a baseball cap, and Pippa Middleton in a beret!