Meet the Bobbl Team

Meet the Bobbl Team

Every now and then we like to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes at Bobbl HQ. This week we want to introduce you to Holly - our Bobbl Content Manager. 

Which Bobbl hat is your favourite? 

 I like the classic hats with the big bobbls the best- but I don’t have one favourite colour combination. My own hat is black with a yellow bobbl – but I also love it when

the hat and bobbl are matching colours. I love pastels, so my current favourite is probably the new lilac or baby pink.

 Where do you wear your hat the most in the winter?

 Taking my niece (Dora, a sausage dog) for walks. But I hate winter and always get cold- so pretty much wear it every time I leave the house.

 What would you like to see from Bobbl in the future?

 I think Bobbl should do fluffy pool sliders or pom shoe laces. Little fluffy rucksacks would be cool too.

 Who would you love to see wearing a Bobbl hat?

 Harry Styles because he looks so good in a beanie.

 Which coloured keyring do you love?

 The multi-coloured one is my favourite - but I want one in every colour. They’re the biggest and fluffiest keyrings I’ve ever seen.

 What is your favourite thing about Bobbl?

 I love that there are so many different options, because it means there is a hat combination out there for everyone. I also love the fact that they are interchangeable, because you can have a hat for every outfit/mood/day.